How do I download and setup the Masternode?

  1. Download the appropriate Masternode file for the respective operating system (MacOS, Linux and Windows versions are currently available)
    1. You can find the Masternode files on the POP Network website
  2. Right click on the downloaded zip file and select “Extract All"
  3. Extract the file into a folder of your choice, click on that folder once the extraction is completed and select the application
  4. A message stating “login with WalletConnect” will appear. Click OK.
    1. Click on "Add wallet" and afterwards click on "WalletConnect"
  5. Using Metamask or Trustwallet, Scan the QR code and follow the instructions that appear.

    1. Have sufficient ETH available in your external wallet in order to cover the gas fees required to connect & transfer over POP Network Tokens for staking

    2. There is also an option to copy & paste a wallet address manually

  6. To stake POP on the Masternode: 
    1. Click the “Staking POP” icon found on the top right hand corner.
    2. Click "Approve" (a message will appear asking you to confirm within the external wallet, confirm this)
    3. Click “Stake” and choose the amount of tokens you wish to stake
      1. Note: The node will only allow to stake in intervals of 50,000 at a time. The remainder will remain in the external wallet